Destiny PS4 Gameplay Overload!


Destiny PS4 Gameplay Overload!
Seven Minutes in Heaven… that of The Devil’s Lair…

Likely the latter.

If, like me, you’ve been pretty on the fence about Destiny up until now, you should really check out this seven minute extended gameplay trailer. It’s not the first time we’ve seen destiny gameplay, but it’s the first decent chunk of near-final build we’ve yet seen from Bungie. And with September 9th looming closer than you think (IT’S ALMOST MAY SOMEHOW!) it’s almost make up your mind time for this enigmatic MMO-flavoured shooter.

Points to Consider

  • You get to customize your own spaceships. Whether or not you get to fly it is another matter
  • You have Mass Effect Biotics. They’re not even cosmetically different. They’re Biotics. From Mass Effect.
  • Off handed weapons are not limited to grenades. I also saw some throwing knives.
  • Melee looks pants, Rifle Butt. But can be amped up with Biotics.
  • Your futuristic PDA works via your hand, in-game, just like in Crysis
  • Your floating multi-tool, Ghost, is a Tyrion Lannister flavoured R2D2.
  • Destiny will be playable at E3 2014

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