Destiny's First DLC Pack Will Make You Pay Much Monies


Destiny's First DLC Pack Will Make You Pay Much Monies

Destiny made an absolute shedload of money on its launch in September and Activision and developers Bungie say they have a 10 year plan for what is already a gaming behemoth. But that doesn't mean the release went off without a hitch.

The main point of contention with Destiny is that its kind of crap for a very long time. Reviewers were urged to hold off on verdicts until they had played through the entire normal level cap, with Bungie promising that the game doesn't really start until then. And so they did, duly suggesting that the game becomes much more awesome after you have already sunk 20-30 hours into it. Which sounds an awful lot like Stockholm syndrome.

And now, there's more unfortunate business on the way. Bungie has revealed that their firstDLC pack - The Dark Below - will cost a whopping £20! It will also be available for $20 and likely €20 but the UK price is incredibly high. What's more, most companies charge 20 quid for an entire season pass - like Warner Bros Shadow of Mordor which will include extra story missions, costumes and collectibles.

Destiny offers up a season pass as well, but for the princely sum of £34! So what do you get in this DLC pack? There's some new story content where you'll fight a Hive alien thing to stop a villain called Crota. There are three new multiplayer arenas as well as a smattering of armour and gear and an increased light level cap to 32. There's also a new strike called The Will of Crota which will open up after the regular DLC date.

It's not a measly amount of content by any means but it does seem quite obscenely priced - especially when many of these people paid full price for the game a few short weeks ago. But the fact of the matter is Destiny has already grabbed the attention of millions of players and they'll be desperate for any small amount of new content by the time it rolls around.

Destiny DLC Pack The Dark Below is set to launch on the 9th of December 2014.

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