Destiny's First Super Tough Raid Has Been Conquered


Destiny's First Super Tough Raid Has Been Conquered

As Destiny review scores start to finally filter out into the net (77 average score across platforms on Metacritic in case you're wondering) Bungie has been gaining some extra attention by unleashing their first raid on the world.

The company has been talking about the fact that the game only really opens up when you reach the level 20 cap, and Raids are designed around higher level players. In fact, you won't even be able to play them until after level 20 and even then Bungie recommendends you get a whole lot further before trying them.

Raids also require you to be in a six player squad and, crucially, they have to be friends rather than random people you've met online. It's tough, so tough they were suggesting players would need to use a walkthrough and that it would take many hours to complete.

Well someone's already done it.

Just over 10 hours after the first raid - Vault of Glass - was opened up to the public, Destiny clan Primeguard has triumphed. They totally took down Atheon. Here's proof.

That's some quick dominating from the team, made up of dedicated PS4 and Xbox One gamers. They not only got a ton of loot but also some serious kudos from Bungie, PlayStation, Eurogamer and more online.

Now sure its time for a rest? Not so much...

Destiny is out now on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4 and PS3.

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