Detroit Become Human- David Cage shows off the new game


Detroit Become Human- David Cage shows off the new game

10 years ago, French developer Quantic Dream showed up at their first ever E3 with a tech demo called The Casting - and it was a groundbreaking vision of where performance capture was going. It's still pretty great.

That tech become a pivotal part of Heavy Rain when it launched on PS3, together with a sense of cinematic storytelling which has been a part of everything the company has done since Fahrenheit back in 2005.

After the release of Beyond Two Souls, Quantic Dream is back at E3 2016 with its latest project, which is pushing the technology and the storytelling even further. And Detroit Become Human looks pretty stunning.

Here's studio head and game writer/director David Cage talking about their ambitious new game.

We're very excited about it for a number of reasons - including the near future sci-fi setting and the fact that your characters can die this time around. It suggests a more freeform world than the heavily controlled Beyond, and the genre elements could help it reach a bigger audience.

Now we just have to hope the writing and performances are up to scratch.

Detroit Become Human- David Cage shows off the new game on
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