Detroit Become Human trailer - Heavy Rain and Beyond folks try again


Detroit Become Human trailer - Heavy Rain and Beyond folks try again

The fine folk at Quantic Dream have had a noble cause for a good few years now - to bring a new kind of adventure game to consoles with real play choice and consequences and cinematic style.

Fahrenheit was a scarppy but noble first effort (their previous game Omikron was something else entirely) and arugably the idea peaked with Heavy Rain. Follow up Beyond Two Souls took too much control from the player and was also just a bit of a dour time for all.

They're back with another go at this peculiar sub genre in Detroit Become Human, and it has serious potential. Here's the latest trailer which shows how many different ways a situation can go. And not all of them are good.

Like Heavy Rain is looks like your playable character can definitely die in this new game, and that already makes it more interseting than having to listen to Ellen Page for all of Beyond. If you don't have the right information this hostage situation can go seriously awry, and you could lose both the bot and the girl.

The setting is also pretty great, with the first time the bulk of the game wasn't set in modern times. There's real emotional value to be found in the interplay between humans and androids, and plenty of room for connections to contemporary issues of descrimination and xenophobia.

Now we just have to hope that the script is up to par - something which has been slowly improving over the years - and the voice talent is equally decent. Beyond was a big step up in that regard, but it's all important when it comes to a game like this.

There's no release date yet for Detroit Become Human.

Detroit Become Human trailer - Heavy Rain and Beyond folks try again on
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