Dishonored 2 really lets you play any way


Dishonored 2 really lets you play any way

Dishonored 2 is pretty much a triumph of design.

Not only does it look great and feel really slick it's also a game that's built on a number of really different systems which still feels cohesive no matter how you play.

The levels are fun for an all out assault, offer different solutions for stealthy players and even work whether you have powers or not. That's hugely impressive, and you can get a glimpse at how the team approached it in this video.

I've been playing it for a while now as a somewhat sneaky Emily but I'm still pretty conservative in my choices. I'll tend to explore the entire level quietly looking for side missions and story and alternative approaches but when it comes to actually squaring up to enemies I'm inclined to take things one at a time.

Perhaps I just don't have the imagination for everything that's on offer but it does feel like I'm missing a trick or ten. Maybe I'll get to explore that more with a high chaos playthrough using Corvo.

Regardless of how you play, this is pretty much an essential game for 2016.

-Daniel Anderson

Dishonored 2 really lets you play any way on
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