Dishonored 2 won't be at E3 2015 - game isn't ready to be seen yet


Dishonored 2 won't be at E3 2015 - game isn't ready to be seen yet

2012s Dishonored is easily one of the best games of the last five years - an endlessly inventive sneak-and-slice-em-up which gifted you with a playground to deal death from the shadows. The deft mix of magic and melee was intoxicating and the skills which players managed to perfect over the years is genuinely incredible.

Deadly stuff. Literally.

Two years on and all has been quiet from developers Arkane Studios. They worked on DLC for Dishonored for a while but there are no new projects listed officially. However, there have been rumours that a sequel is in development, with the first whispers suggesting the game would be announced at E3 2014.

That failed to happen and now the rumours are starting again.This time the suggestion is that the team are working away on the sequel but it's still too early for a public reveal, so Dishonored 2 won't make an apperance at E3 2015 either.

This information comes from an industry insider who says the game is definitely being made but it won't be ready to show off for awhile - you can read the report in German here.

It's hardly definitive but if we're not going to see Dishonored in June, maybe there's hope for some kind of reveal before the end of 2015.

Dishonored 2 won`t be at E3 2015 - game isn`t ready to be seen yet on
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