Does Quantum Break Represent Everything Wrong With The New Generation


Does Quantum Break Represent Everything Wrong With The New Generation

After over a year of relative radio silence, Remedy Entertainment have finally debuted some actual gameplay of Quantum Break. And to mine eyes, it is everything that’s wrong with “Next Gen” console gaming.

Lemme break this one down. Bullet. Point. Stylee.

  • Quantum Break looks amazing. Probably because presentation is the only thing those next gen processors and RAM are being tasked with.
  • Quantum Break is basically a cover shooter with bullet time and funny grenades.
  • Quantum Break has no ambition beyond its cover shooter roots, otherwise slow-mo protagonist Jack would simply stroll out of firefights rather than participate in them.
  • Quantum Break uses THE ABILITY TO BEND TIME ITSELF TO YOUR WILL as a mechanic to make gunfights easier as opposed to anything remotely imaginative/philanthropic.
  • Quantum Break uses an evil faceless corporation as the baddies because, as previously established, genre tropes are something they struggle to overcome.
  • Quantum Break does not task players with rescuing civilians from certain death, let alone defeating enemies non-violently or even non-lethally, despite the fact Jack can obviously manipulate objects when time has halted.
  • Quantum Break, despite being a next gen exclusive, looks like it could easily run on the Xbox 360. That last one is the most damning of all.

I’m aware of how presumptuous and cynical I am being here folks. Remedy Entertainment have a decent track record and their final product might throw all this right in my face. But I can’t be the only one frustrated by the imaginatively stagnant products being offered up as Next Gen system sellers.

I’m not asking for the moon and the stars either. I just want that next gen power to be used for something I actually care about (mechanics, level design, enemy AI, roguelike elements) as opposed to something I stop noticing after 30 seconds (lighting, fabric detail etc). I’d also think it novel if the developer took but a moment to ponder the continued utility of TIME MANIPULATION beyond the advantages it brings to the industry of making corpses.

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