Does Survey Hint at Future PS4 Updates?


Does Survey Hint at Future PS4 Updates?
Sony appears to be gauging interest in a number of possible PS4 features...

If a brand new survey issued by Sony to some of its PlayStation 4 users is anything to go by it looks like it could be a busy year on the update front! The questionnaire looks like it's being used to gauge the interest in a number of proposed features, probably to decide which ones get priority for future updates, and the list is pretty comprehensive in terms of covering the most often requested features for the young system.

The eight possibilities included are:

  • Player reputation system based on a user rating system
  • Advanced matchmaking system (to help pair you with players at your skill level or player preference)
  • Ability to chat across PlayStation Platforms (i.e. with PS3 or PS Vita Users)
  • Ability to change your PlayStation username
  • Ability to be invisible: See who is online without broadcasting the fact that you are online
  • Ability to party chat with more than 8 people at a time
  • Synchronization of messages across platforms, so that PS3,/PS Vita messages all appear on PS4 and vice versa
  • On-screen notifications when your friends come online

The survey asks users to rank each of the options as very appealing, somewhat appealing, neither appealing nor unappealing, somewhat unappealing and very unappealing, and it's likely that the findings will dictate the direction of the platform in the months ahead.

For our money, the most important things needed from the list are an advanced matchmaking system, increased capacity party chat and cross-platform chat, but it'll be interesting to see what the public thinks.

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