Double Fine's Broken Age Act 2 out next week - more details here


Double Fine's Broken Age Act 2 out next week - more details here

A ridiculously long time ago in February 2012, a project called Double Fine Adventure opened up on Kickstarter. The promise was an old-school style adventure game with one of the genre's original masterminds, TimSchafer, involved at every level and the modest goal was $400,000. One month and$3,336,371 later, a saga began which has shown the pleasures and pitfalls of crowdfunding in every way imaginable.

Originally, backers were promised one full lengthed game for release in October 2012 but as those dollars grew, so did ambition. It's a long frustrating story and you can watch it unfold over several hours in this massive video series.

But the shorthand is this - people paid money over three years ago and today they've received a very short first half and not much else. Thankfully, that's about to change as Double Fine has finally confirmed that Broken Age Act 2 will be available from the 27th of April 2015.

It's amazing that it's finally here and the company has been working flat out to make sure all the backers get the game at the same time - 12.01 Eastern time on the 27th, which is 5.01 in the morningIrish time. They're strongly recommending you play throught the first episode as a reminder, which only takes a few hours.

This is also the time when those physical rewards will be worked on, for those who wanted a game box to remind them of when adventure titles were actually bought in stores. They're still working on the design and build and Tim has some options here.

You'll also be able to buy a version in retail stores as well but it won't have the same fancy art as those who backed the campaign to a high level. At this point we really just want to find out if the game is any good and if it was worth the years of stress and hassle to Double Fine and each and every backer. And maybe next time they want to make a game they won't put it out to crowd sourcing.

For backers, Broken Age Act 2 is coming to Steam on the 27th of April. It releases in the US on the 28th and in the EU on the 29th on a host of platforms including PS4, PS3, Android, iOS and more.

Double Fine`s Broken Age Act 2 out next week - more details here on
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