Downloading the New PS4 Update May Break Your Console - Here's How to Fix It


Downloading the New PS4 Update May Break Your Console - Here's How to Fix It

The PlayStation 4 update 2.0, also called Masamune, is finally here - and it's got lots of shiny new things for you.

That includes the introduction of Share Play and the ability to play music from USB and install themes. The standby mode has also been renamed as rest mode and you can fiddle with some of its settings, including setting a period to keep charging the controller after the console has been powered off.

That's all pretty neat, but rest mode also has another hidden feature - it might just brick your PS4. Users are reporting that setting the console to rest mode puts it into some kind of coma from which there is no escape. The current best solution is to press and hold the power key until the system resets itself. Or, failing that, reef out the power cord for a few seconds.

In a few rare instances, these measures haven't helped, resulting in an entirely dead console and users with some serious questions for Sony. So right now do feel free to download the update if you're interested in its new features but maybe steer well clear of the rest mode for the foreseeable future.

You can see the full update notes for version 2.0 here.

Downloading the New PS4 Update May Break Your Console - Here`s How to Fix It on
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