Dragon Age: Inquisition to Have 40 Endings - Rumour


Dragon Age: Inquisition to Have 40 Endings - Rumour
Also to feature five huge regions!

Dragon Age: Inquisition, currently in development by BioWare, is set to be one of the biggest games ever seen when it launches later this year. That's according to the Official Xbox Magazine, which has a major feature on the game in its forthcoming issue.

According to one user on the BioWare forums who has gotten hold of an early copy of the magazine, the game will feature an astonishing 40 different endings, each one tailored to reflect the choices the player has made throughout their journey, while the playable area of the game is said to be absolutely phenomenal, with five major regions for players to explore.

Other information about the game includes the fact that players will be able to make their dialogue choices using three different dialogue wheels, one for tone, one for choice and one for reaction. How exactly that'll work, we're unsure, but it looks as though all will become clearer in the weeks ahead.

Set for launch in Q3 this year, Dragon Age: Inquisition will be available on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 andPC.

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