Dragon Age Inquisition Update Fixes Funky Hair!


Dragon Age Inquisition Update Fixes Funky Hair!

Dragon Age: Inquisitionis easily the best RPG I've played in many a year - its massive, its detailed and it has plenty of sarky dialogue.

But that doesn't mean its perfect, so thankfully there's a new patch from the good folks at BioWare.

Patch 2 contains a shedload of tweaks and fixes - and you can read the full notes here - but the most significant has to be addressing the incredibly shiny hair on the character models. No longer will they look like they're appearing in some cheap 80s sci-fi show!

That fix only effects the PC version (boo!) but there are plenty of significant tweaks including addressing stability and crashes. So get downloading and enjoy an even better version of the game.

Dragon Age Inquisition is out now - read our review here.

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