Dragonborn is finally on PS3!


Dragonborn is finally on PS3!
Skyrim gives the gift of expansion to Sony users after long delay. Half price too!
After more delays than its really seemly to talk about at this stage, Bethesda has finally decided to grace the PlayStation 3 with their fully featured expansion pack for 2011s towering RPG Skyrim.

The fifth entry in The Elder Scrolls series was already suitably hefty, but the developers have seen fit to add a further three DLC packs to its already considerable girth - Dawnguard, Hearthfire and Dragonborn. All three have already debuted on Xbox 360 (in August, September and December 2012 respectively) but compatability issues caused the PS3 versions to be delayed, potentially indefinitely.

Thankfully that hasn't proven to be the case, with Bethesda promising all three packs will be available by the end of February 2013. Dragonborn is the largest new campaign to be released for Skyrim to date, taking players to an all new island off the coast of Morrowind called Solstheim. There, you'll find new towns, side quests and a new main mission, as well as additional shouts and enemies. The story revolves around your interactions with the first ever Dragonborn who isn't all that pleased to meet. Also you can fly a dragon.

Likely as a way of apologising for the considerable delay, Bethesda are offering Dragonborn for half price for during launch week - that's £6.49 or €7.99 depending on where you hang your hat. Players will also be able to grab Hearthfire on PS3 from the 20th of February with Dawnguard following on the 27th.

Skyrim was awesome and is reviewed here. You should really play it.

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