Driveclub WILL have Microtransactions After All


Driveclub WILL have Microtransactions After All
Evolution Studios backtracks on previous claim...

Despite the fact that Driveclub developer Evolution Studios had been claiming for months that the game would not feature microtransactions, it turns out that the studio has had a change of heart, and players will be able to pay to unlock content if they'd rather not slug it out and earn their rewards like everyone else.

Although this probably won't come as a surprise to the more cynical of you, the fact that the studio had claimed for so long that it would definitely not be implementing any sort of microtransaction system is slightly worrying, especially when coupled with the fact that the PlayStation Plus version, claimed to be far more than a demo, comes with serious restrictions compared to the full game.

In an interview with IGN, the game's director Paul Rustchysnsky said:

It’s been a hot topic of late inside gaming, and we’ve been very keen to take on board the feedback from gamers and make sure we don’t upset anyone. What we’ve done is make sure that the progression system is really straightforward, really simple and gives you access to a lot of content really quickly.

If you want to unlock a car immediately, you can pay to unlock that car straight away but it’s not a consumable microtransaction. We don’t let people buy Fame, for example and spend lots and lots. The idea is if you want to shortcut things you can do – it’s identical to what we did in Motorstorm RC. So if you played that, you know what we’re doing here.

If Evolution can stick to its word (this time) then we don't have any major problem with the proposed system, as long as it doesn't mean that players can pay to have a distinct advantage over others. We'll keep an eye on this one to see if there are any more changes ahead of the game's planned launch later this year.

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