Duping Bug Hits Elder Scroll Online


Duping Bug Hits Elder Scroll Online
It looks like someone gave Elder Scrolls Online a poison potion...

ZeniMax Online Studios was forced to temporarily close the guild banks on the recently released Elder Scrolls Online because of a duping bug.

Gina Bruno, the assistant community manager for Elder Scrolls Online, released a public notice early this morning on the MMO's forums. "Guild bank functionality has been temporarily disabled on the North American and European megaservers. We will notify you when it has been turned back on."

The duping bug has quickly become widespread in the game. The bug lets users duplicate materials in their bank. Apparently according to certain players the bug is so simple that the MMO's players could do it accidentally. Thanks to the bug,the bank has been exploited, and hasmadeitems and money virtually worthless, due to the simplicity of the bug.

Elder Scrolls Online will soon get patch 1.04 which will feature updates that will change auto-stacking in guild banks and its functionality. "You will now have to stack items in your inventory before placing them in the guild bank." There is no announcement on any sort of timetable on when the guild bank will be restored for North American and European users.

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