Dying Light Enhanced Edition details


Dying Light Enhanced Edition details

We're already big fans of Dying Light - especially how much fun it is to parkour undead life out of shambling hordes of zombies, and there's going to be more to love very soon.

Techland has just announced a new Enhanced Edition of the game and they're being very clear that this isn't just a Game of the Year reissue. The company has spent six months tweaking and fixing a huge number of aspects of the game, as well as adding all new content including better parkour animations, improved faces, more difficulty levels, better AI, performance upgrades and a whole lot more.

The result is basically an entirely new game, and it will also include all of the DLC to date as well as the major new expansion, The Following. Here's a trailer for the new package.

That all looks most excellent.

Now the way this has been announced is a bit confusing so let's try to make it simple - all of these enhancements will be coming to any existing owners of Dying Light for free, which is great news. You won't get the DLC content unless you've bought the season pass, and that's about to become more expensive. This is because Techland thinks The Following pack is big enough to warrant a price increase and what we've seen so far makes that seem fair. The price of the season pass is going up on the 8th of December so best to grab it now.

Of course the Enhanced Edition will also be available on its own, for 60 quid. Yes that's the price of a full retail game and we think it might be a tenner too high but you'll be getting a lot of content. It might be worth looking into getting a second hand copy of Dying Light now for a decent price as that plus the season pass will be cheaper than the fancy new edition and will include the same content.

Dying Light Enhanced Edition is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC on the 9th of February 2016.

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