Dying Light Preview


Dying Light Preview

Zombies have become a familiar menace in every walk of entertainment life – from the vast swarms of World War Z to the daily survival of The Walking Dead.

They’ve also infested the video game to an alarming degree, exploding in popularity since the definitive survival horror – Resident Evil – debuted all the way back in 1996. But if we know one thing about zombies, it’s that they’re hard to kill…

The latest gig for the shambling horde is in Dying Light. It’s an open world action/horror game which promises to give you plenty of different ways to kill off the undead once and for all. And it’s got another secret weapon – Parkour!

That’s right, in order to get around this world you won’t just need to run and jump but also vault and slide and clamber and roll. Together with a melee fighting system and weapon crafting mechanics, that means there’s plenty to do above and beyond taking out nasties.

And sometimes you won’t have that option. Dying Light offers up a real-time day and night system which sees beaming sunlight slowly fade to amber sunset and eerie darkness. And the denizens of this dark world really come alive at night, becoming far more powerful and deadly. You can choose to find somewhere safe to bunk down for a few hours, or risk making a break for it amid the terrifying horde!

The game comes from Polish developers Techland, who created another zombie-killer title in Dead Island and also a series of fun Western shooters in the Call of Juarez series. They’ve built a gorgeous engine for Dying Light that promises a massive world, dynamic weather and a huge variety of zombies to commit to hell in a vast number of ways.

There’s also a four player co-op mode available as well a chance to play competitively as zombies vs humans – which sounds like a lot of fun. And Techland says there’s up to 50 hours of gameplay to enjoy when Dying Light debuts at the end of January 2015.

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