E3 2015 preview – Will Fallout 4 reign supreme?


E3 2015 preview – Will Fallout 4 reign supreme?

It’s every gamer’s favourite time of the year. E3 takes over the Convention Centre in Los Angeles between June 14th and 18th. We’ll get to see what the gaming industry has to offer us over the next 12 months and beyond. We’ve been treated to teases and even full blown announcements over the last few weeks, which has simply whet the appetite for more.

Case in point is Fallout 4. As soon as Bethesda announced that it was hosting its first ever E3 conference, fans knew what to expect. That doesn’t make it any less exciting though. Bethesda Game Studios may have started development on the game as early as 2012, and speculation about Fallout 4 began almost as soon as Fallout 3 launched in 2008!

Fallout 4 is certainly one of the most eagerly anticipated releases that will be shown off at E3. The screenshots and reveal trailer have been poured over in great detail, and fans are just waiting for more morsels of information.

What we know so far is that Fallout 4 brings us to a post-apocalyptic Boston. There are a few call backs to previous Fallout titles to be found in the teaser trailer, including Feral Ghouls, some sort of Deathclaw, and a German Shepherd, which looks set to be the Dogmeat of Fallout 4.

Concrete details are scarce at the moment, but expect all that to change when Bethesda takes to the stage on June 15th at 3am. This is a conference worth staying up for. Bethesda will also unveil its new Doom, which got a short and snappy teaser trailer, and maybe even Dishonored 2.

Bethesda isn’t the only major player hosting a conference. So what other games or technology could steal some of its limelight?

EA will be bringing some of its heavy hitters to E3 this year. The focus is likely to be on its upcoming Star Wars game, Star Wars: Battlefront. The Endor Battlefront demo was great, but EA will have to show off more to convince some of the more sceptical fans of the franchise.

And while Mirror’s Edge wasn’t a smash hit, there’s an air of excitement surrounding the upcoming Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst. The title was first revealed at E3 2013, but there’s been nothing on it since. This is EA’s opportunity to get people excited so it does better at launch than its predecessor.

Ubisoft has managed to impress at E3 over the last few years, even if some of the end products haven’t quite lived up to expectations. This year, its conference will be anchored by three major games: Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, Rainbow Six, and The Division. There have been rumblings that Prince of Persia could make an appearance, which would make us very happy indeed.

Of course, it wouldn’t be E3 without the annual dust-up between Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo – though Nintendo seems content to let the other two fight it out directly, while it does its own thing.

Microsoft has plenty to cover at E3. So much so, apparently, that the likes of Crackdown and Quantum Break will have to wait until Gamescom in August. Among the Xbox One exclusives to be shown are Rise of the Tomb Raider, Halo 5: Guardians, and Forza Motorsport 6. Many are also holding out hope that Microsoft will announce something to do with Gears of War.

Games are just one portion of Microsoft’s slate for E3. With Windows 10 arriving later this summer, Microsoft will be keen to highlight the benefits of the new OS and what it means for PC and Xbox One owners. We may even see more about the Oculus Rift’s integration with Windows 10.

Meanwhile, Sony has said that its first-party lineup is looking a little sparse. But what it may lack in terms of quantity, it looks certain to make up for in quality. All many fans need to see is Uncharted 4 and they’ll be happy – and that’s definitely going to be on show considering the poster that dominates one side of the Los Angeles Convention Centre.

Sony recently released a trailer for Ratchet & Clank, so expect to see more from that. And then there are rumours that Killzone creators Guerrilla Games will announce its new IP, while God of War 4 and Gran Turismo 7 could also make an appearance.

And, let’s face it, Sony could still “win” E3 if it simply shows up with The Last Guardian in tow at long last.

Nintendo doesn’t have a traditional conference planned. Instead, it will host a variety of live video streams so you can feel like you’re there. Unfortunately, Nintendo has spent a lot of time recently talking about games that it won’t be bringing to E3. That means that its slate looks a little limited, but Nintendo excels at surprising people, so fans should stay hopeful.

It’s expected that Star Fox will be shown off in greater depth after being teased last year; Next Level Games should be ready to show off something new and has been rumoured to be working on a Wii U port of Luigi's Mansion, a sequel to Mario Strikers and possibly a sequel to Punch-Out.

And Platinum Games has an unannounced project that it will show at E3 this year. The developer’s track record to date has been excellent, though its titles are usually a bit too offbeat to be sales hits.

E3 promises to be an exciting show. Stay tuned for more announcements and trailers from E3.

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