E3 2016 - Top Titles so Far


E3 2016 - Top Titles so Far

E3 2016 is here, and it's going to be all games all the time until after it ends on the 16th of June.

While the major events don't technically start until the 14th of June, all sorts of stuff happens before, including Day Zero and other companies that just can't wait to get in on the action. That includes EA who started with EA Play on the 12th of June and Bethesda who showed off a whole bunch of stuff already. Even Telltale Games and 2K have been revealing their new titles, so there's already plenty to enjoy.

Here are our top titles revealed so far, and we can't wait to play them.

Dishonored 2 (read more)
Back in 2012, Dishonored brought a huge amount of player choice to the first person sneaker genre. And the sequel is taking things up a notch.

Dishonored 2 includes 2 playable characters and a unique city to explore. You can play as Emily with all new abilities and even Corvo's can now be fully upgraded. Once again you're on the run, which provides plenty of opportunity for backstabbing, sneaking through vents or going all out warsome on the stylised enemies. Mesmerise looks like an amazing new power which links the fate of multiple foes.

Titanfall 2 (read more)
The first Titanfall was a slice of mega mecha goodness, complete with tactically rich and mayhem filled multiplayer and a man-bot symbiosis that was unique in a tired genre.

The sequel adds an actual story mode (and it looks like a solid tale too) that will grab even more players and builds on the best part of the first games multiplayer offering. And this time your Titans can go toe to toe with swords that are probably taller than the pilots inside. Which is just the kind of madness we want in our action games.

FIFA 17 (read more)
A story mode in Titanfall 2 is surprising enough, but no one was expecting this news - FIFA 17 will have a single player mode with a central character, dialogue choices and an involving story.

You'll play as Alex Hunter, a new recruit with some serious raw talent and you're in control of how his career progresses. We don't yet know how deep this system is - for example does it just repond to how you play or will the games themselves have story branches - but it's an interesting gamble for the FIFA brand. And no you don't have to play for Man United.

Mafia 3 (read more)
It doesn't matter if you've never even heard of the previous games in the series, Mafia 3 is already shaping up to be the open world action game to beat this year.

It's set in a New Orleans like New Bordeaux in 1968 and sees head fella Lincoln Clay out for some serious and bloody revenge. You'll take down the Italian mob and make a name for yourself, before taking over and running the entire city. It's looking like beautiful and brutal stuff already, and you can even get some from a Irish gangster called Burke.

Skyrim (read more)
Ok this isn't a new game but we're still very excited. Skyrim Special Edition is bringing back the 2011 game with massively improved graphics and mod support for the first time on consoles.

That will mean loads of new ways to play and it might even be that bit more stable as you quest around for dragons to kill. Or goats to shout into obliteration. We can't wait to hear Jeremy Soule's score all over again and new Elder Scrolls material just makes it more and more likely that we're going to get a full on sequel soon.

Stay tuned all week for the latest from E3 2016.

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