EA Celebrating 5 Years of FUT With Freebies


EA Celebrating 5 Years of FUT With Freebies
FIFA Ultimate Team players in for a treat this week...

FIFA publisher EA Sports has announced that it's currently giving away five Gold Rare card packs to players of FIFA Ultimate Team on FIFA 14. The offer, which runs up until Monday 24th, will allow players to put the finishing touches on their squads, however the cards will not be tradable - but you can't have everything, right?

In order to get your hands on your card packs, all you need to do is start up the game and click or press on the special anniversary banner. That's it... piece of cake right?

It's hard to believe that FIFA Ultimate Team is now five years old, having debuted as DLC for FIFA 09 back in 2008, but in that time it has gone on to be a phenomenal (and some would say unexpected) success for EA Sports, proving that optional microtransactions do have the ability to resonate with players.

A total of 64% of FIFA players now play FUT, with a total of almost 22 million teams created since the mode debuted. Some other interesting stats released by EA include 13 million transfers completed every day, 264,000 matches played daily, 725 million matches played in FUT on FIFA 14 to date and an astonishing 11,000 games taking place every hour!

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