Eddie Izzard is a Super-Powered Super-Villain in PSN's First TV Series


Eddie Izzard is a Super-Powered Super-Villain in PSN's First TV Series

Powers is a slightly different superhero show, because in this world most people have some kind of extra talent.

That means the world has adapted to this change, creating a superpowered police force to deal with some very powerful baddies. That's the premose of the graphic novel by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming that Sony has been trying to bring to the screen for some time now.

Originally, it was set up as a feature before heading to FX as a pilot starring Jason Patric, Lucy Punch and Vinnie Jones. None of them have made the transition to Sony Pictures TV but the cast still sounds decent, especially Izzard who plays a terrifying incarcerated baddie called Wolfe.

Noah Taylor (Submarine, Edge of Tomorrow) will play another big bad and young Olysa Rulin (High School Musical) a street smart mutant, I mean Power...30 Days of Night helmer David Slade is up to direct the first two episodes.

It sounds like these aren't going to be mere 10 minute jobbies, more like 10 hour long episodes and the talent suggests that there's definitely some budget there. Hopefully we'll have more news on Powers soon.

You can check out the comic here.

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