Edmund McMillen's Mew-Genics on hold


Edmund McMillen's Mew-Genics on hold

In case you've never heard of Edmund McMillen, he's the fella behind The Binding of Isaac, a frankly nutty top down shooter thing where you play a baby who has to survive a hellish ordeal beneath your home.

It's really weird.

It's also pretty brilliant if you're into that sort of thing so we were very excited to learn that a new game was on the way from McMillen, and even more so when we heard it was called Mew-Genics and was supposed to be about breeding hyrid terrifying animals for some kind of sport. There was science too, obviously.

Now the sad news is that Mew-Genics appears to be completely dead:

That sounds pretty final but McMillen has also been chatting to Eurogamer and sounds a little bit hopeful of a resurrection in the future:

"I'm unsure of its future but there is a chance we will attempt to revamp it in a few years with a new design of mine that will push it in a new direction that will hopefully make it more exciting for both of us to work on"

In the realm of good news, McMillen has announced a new game! It's called The Legend of Bum-bo and we know a few things about it. Not surprisingly, the game will have randomly generated elements but unlike Isaac it's billed as 'turn based puzzle RPG type thingy.' That's all pretty vague for now, but we do know he'll be working with James Id on development, and the composers on Isaac will be returning.

Short version - no Mew-Genics, some Bum-bo sometime.

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