Enemy Starfighter Heading to PAX Prime 2014 MEGABOOTH


Enemy Starfighter Heading to PAX Prime 2014 MEGABOOTH
Coz those words make lots of sense in that order….

Enemy Starfighter will eventually be released on PC, Mac and Linux. Which is a big kick in the nards for me as 1) I don’t own any of those, at least to the specs needed and 2) Enemy Starfighter looks like the Dog’s Nards.

The Nards. Of. The Dog.

Bastardised idioms aside, Enemy Starfighter is an Oculus Rift compatible space dogfight sim, in a similar vein to Elite Dangerous (which, for the record, isn’t available on consoles either) and it will be playable at PAX Prime 2014. Specifically as part of its Indie MEGABOOTH.

Which is some word for one word.

I’m not going to bother contextualizing the pew pews for you on this one… well, besides the fact that, unsurprisingly given the goddamn title, you’re the bad guys. Otherwise, it looks like a meticulously detailed, immersive and wildly colourful space flight simulator, which rightly prioritises fun stuff to do over exacting realism. That’s not to say, like Elite Dangerous and the slew of re-emerging dogfighters, it somehow defies its own internal logic. But rather than waiting hours between engagements, you’re thrust into the action, front and centre.

Welcome back dogfighters.
I’ve missed you.
Shame I still can’t play you.

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