Everything you need to know from Oculus' pre-E3 conference


Everything you need to know from Oculus' pre-E3 conference

Virtual reality is bound to have a major presence at next week’s E3, but Oculus decided to get the jump on its competitors by hosting a pre-E3 conference. At it, Oculus made a number of announcements, showed off its new controllers, and mentioned the suite of games that will be available.

One of the biggest question marks surrounding the Rift was what players would use as a controller. Oculus announced that it’s partnered with Microsoft and will ship an Xbox One wireless controller with every headset. The Xbox One controller can be used to play any Xbox One game streaming from a Windows 10 PC.

Oculus also announced that it has developed its own controller. The Oculus Touch is a set of two controllers, which feature a thumb-stick, trigger and two face buttons. The controller features haptic feedback, so it’ll feel like you’re actually holding something in the virtual world.

Oculus also managed to keep a fairly major announcement under wraps. Rift will be capable of streaming Xbox One games to the Rift through Windows 10. This is the same technology that will allow Windows 10 PC or tablet owners to do so.

The new headset has built-in, 360-degree headphones, so you won't need to fumble around with your setup before you play. It also has an improved camera that uses a constellation tracking system to determine where your head is looking at all times.

The Oculus Rift will be released in Q1 2016. And that’s as specific as the company is willing to be for the moment. Oculus did not say how much the device will cost consumers.

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