Evolve infographic paints a balanced picture


Evolve infographic paints a balanced picture

2K Games released an infographic to celebrate an impressive first week for Evolve.

According to the publisher’s metrics, almost 6 million games have been played with rounds taking an average of just under 10 minutes. The average time to first contact is 2:23 minutes, though some players were quicker to find their prey than others. The quickest time to find the monster was just 60 seconds, while the title of Hide and Seek champion must go to the player who lasted 43 minutes without being found.

Unsurprisingly, monsters who stay in stage 1 won just 11.2% of games, but players dominated once they evolved to level 3 with a 76.7% win rate. The stats indicate that games are quite balanced. The hunters have won 48.1% of games, while the monsters are slightly ahead with 51.9% of the wins.

Evolve has also proven to be popular with spectators. 133,707,700 minutes of action have been watched on Twitch.tv. 2K Games was helpful in outlining that this would equate to more than 4.5 million people watching Evolve for 254 years.

Check out the rest of the infographic below.

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