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Star Trek The Video Game is almost here, and we’ve got some new screenshots to prove it.

Created in 1966 by the right legendary GeneRodenberrry, Star Trek has been dominated the science fiction landscape for almost five decades, appearing in every medium from its original TV roots to blockbuster movies and animation.

Naturally, the universe has also appeared in computer game form, with the first official title appearing on PC as far back as 1981. Big and small scale efforts have come and gone, and I reserve a soft spot for the forays into the adventure genre – particularly 1992s 25th Anniversary and A Final Unity which followed three years later. God I’m old…

A string of first person shooter titles helped to popularise the brand in the 21st century, with the best of the bunch coming from underappreciated developers RavenSoftware. Oh EliteForce, I miss you.

Now it’s 2013 and, not so very long ago, the lustre seemed to have gone off Star Trek – after run of dull movies and the little liked Enterprise TV show. But that all changed in 2009 with JJ Abrams’ ridiculously successful big screen reboot.

With movie success comes a return to the digital realm and NamcoBandai games are set to do just that with the very simply titled Star Trek. It will see players take on the co-op roles of Kirk and Spock, who are voiced by and look quite like their movie counterparts Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto. The main villain for the game is the Gorn, that big lizard faced thing you might remember from the Original Series episode ‘Arena’? He looked a bit like this.

He’ll probably look less ridiculous in the new game.

Apart from getting the chance to experience an all new story that adheres the new canon conjured into being by Abrams and his cohorts, Star Trek will also give players the chance to explore the Enterprise like never before. Areas of the ship that have never been digitally recreated like the engineering and other locations will be fully explorable in the new game.

“The Enterprise is not just a ship – she is one of the most important characters in all of Star Trek. Our goal from day one was to make sure that the Enterprise looks, feels and even sounds as true to life as anything players have ever seen,” says Brian Miller – senior vice president of Paramount Pictures and exec producer on the game. “Hopefully, players will come away feeling as if they’re ready to be part of the crew themselves!”

Star Trek will be coming to Xbox 360, PS3 and PC from the 26th of April. More as we get it.

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