External Storage Solution on the Way for Xbox One


External Storage Solution on the Way for Xbox One
Major Nelson says external HD update is imminent...

It looks like Xbox One users who find themselves running out of storage space are in for some good news in the near future, with Microsoft's Larry 'Major Nelson' Hryb saying on Reddit that the arrival of external storage support may be just around the corner!

When asked about the issue, Hryb wouldn't commit to a concrete timeline, but instead did confirm that it should be arriving soon, saying:

External game storage is coming soon....I need to check on media support

And when asked if there would be a limit on the external storage size, as was the case with the Xbox 360, he said:

When I have details on that , I'll let you know

So although there's little by way of real commitment there from Hryb, it certainly does look promising, and it can't come a minute too soon as game sizes continue to rise and players are forced to delete titles to install new releases. Fingers crossed a universal solution that'll allow users to connect external hard drives to the console via USB will be the way Microsoft goes this time around, rather than forcing proprietary upgrades on users.

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