Fallout 3 could be getting re-released


Fallout 3 could be getting re-released

It's hard to imagine, but plenty of games are still banned in Germany - including Bethesda's open world opus Fallout 3. Now that decision has been overturned, and it raises some interesting questions.

Developer and Publisher Bethesda Game Studios worked with the Federal Department for Media Harmful to Minors to get Fallout 3 taken off the list, in a rare case which managed to end the ban before the regular 10 year sentence was up. A large fine had to be paid in a long process taking many months, and it was finally that "Fallout 3 will be removed from the list because its content is no longer classified as harmful to minors from today's perspective."

But why did Bethesda fight so hard to get this more than seven year old title off the lists? It's all but guaranteed that it is because they have some intention of re-releasing the game in one form or another. If they didn't want to bring out the same game again they wouldn't have gone to the trouble of releasing this content, so we could learn about a hd re-issue for current gen consoles.

Bethesda would only say "We cannot give a statement at the moment, but will answer your questions in a couple of weeks."

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