Fallout 3 + DLC done without healing - what?!


Fallout 3 + DLC done without healing - what?!

Witness an immense gaming achievement. YouTuber Many a True Nerd set out many moons ago to bring a unique challenge to Fallout 3. It's called You Only Live Once and, quite appropriately, it's about playing through an entire game without using any healing.

In this case, he decided to go one further by including all the lengthy DLC packs and playing the entire thing on hard. After eight months of gaming toil, he 's managed this pretty incredible feat. Join Jon (because that's his name) in the final moments of this challenge.

Playing stealthy is pretty much key to surviving here, and he's got the specced out character to get past pretty much everything. You also get a glimpse back at the best moments at the end of the video, and we can look forward to seeing what he does next.

One thing he did do previously was a play through Fallout 3 where he killed absolutely everything that was killable, leading to the game becoming almost too broken to play at times. It's highly entertaining.

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