Fallout 4 is coming - major announcement due tomorrow


Fallout 4 is coming - major announcement due tomorrow

We had already heard that Fallout 4 was going to be at E3 2015, and now we know we're going to get more info ahead of the expo.

Bethesda has just posted up a teaser site at the not subtly titled http://fallout.bethsoft.com/ and it expires at 2pm GMT on Wednesday the 3rd of June. It looks like we're getting more Fallout.

There have been rumours about the game for years at this stage, pretty much ever since Fallout 3 came out in 2008 and blew our tiny little minds. New Vegas was a solid addition to this grimy universe but it's about time we got a chance to see what the Wasteland looks like with modern technology and the lessons Bethesda has learned from Skyrim and other RPG gamers in the meantime.

Best case scenario is a decent gameplay video arriving at 2pm but it's much more likely that the team will release a CG-assisted vid which gives an impression of the world they're creating. And don't be surprised if you hear some familar words uttered by the gravel-voiced Ron Perlman. Who has been saying them since the original game in 1997.

Either way, there'll be a lot more to see from the game at E3 later on in the month, and maybe we could even dare to imagine that the full release could arrive in 2015?

We have been waiting a long, long time...

Stay tuned for more on Fallout 4.

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