Fallout 4 makers respond to DLC fan reaction


Fallout 4 makers respond to DLC fan reaction

Ok lets keep this simple - Fallout 4 is getting a lot of downloadable content with three announced packs and more to come so Bethesda has decided to raise the season pass price to $50. BUT (and this is a big but) they won't be doing that until the 1st of March so you can get it all, plus future stuff, for the lower $30 price right now.

That's basically all the news which came out yesterday when some DLC details were announced, along with the fact that the three packs will have new crafting and an entire new location to explore, the biggest slice of DLC the company has ever made. But that hasn't stopped some significant negative reaction from filtering out onto the wilds of the internet to run free and create more misinformation about what's going on.

Thankfully Bethesda's VP of PR and Marketing was on hand to cut through the bs in his own unmistakeable fashion. Here's Pete Hines on Twitter.

In summary - there's more content to come and it's going to be really big and you still have plenty of time to get every single piece of content for the next year or more for the lower price. Or you could wait, see what the reviews are like and pick and choose the packs you want individually. The choice is yours, just don't annoying Pete anymore. Please.

The first DLC pack, Automatron, arrives in March 2016.

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