Fallout 4 Release Date Leaked - E3 Will Have All the Answers


Fallout 4 Release Date Leaked - E3 Will Have All the Answers

After yesterday's report on the possibility of seeing Fallout 4 at E3 and beyond, we've heard some more whispers...

It is known that Bethesda will have a major presence at E3 for the first time this summer, and they wouldn't come without a new product to show off. Skyrim debuted in 2011 and The Elder Scrolls is already out there - it's the perfect time to come back with some news of Fallout 4.

Now some more information has apparently leaked, this time coming from 4chan user Cyberland. He claims to have been in touch with a Bethesda employee called Gino Cole who has confirmed he's part of the development team of Fallout 4 and that he's been on the game for 3 years now. Cyberland then claims that Cole's LinkedIn profile says that Fallout 4 has a release date set for May 2016.

That's a whole lot of information.

As ever, these reports shouldn't be treated as fact - for instance Cyberland doesn't link to any other sources and we haven't been able to find a LinkedIn profile for a Gino Cole working in the industry. But that doesn't mean there isn't some truth to what's being said, a year or so after E3 would be a reasonable time frame to build buzz for a massive game release, and it would mark a clean 6 years since Fallout: New Vegas.

Right now we're just happy that the words Fallout 4 are in the ether, letting Bethesda know that fans are clamouring for any kind of news. And we'll all be waiting with bated breath when E3 rolls around.

E3 2015 takes place from the 16th to the 18th of June 2015.

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