Fallout Shelter is on PC now


Fallout Shelter is on PC now

If you're looking for a new game to tinker with, Fallout Shelter is on PC right now.

It's a game set in the Fallout universe that isn't about going out on a first or third person adventure to have chats and shoot things. Instead you're tasked with keeping the dwellers inside your Vault happy - so it's kind of the bit you skip in the actual game.

That's mostly about resource management and you can also send dwellers outside to scavenge more items, or just because you want them to perish alone and starving in the wilds. The game previously launched on iOS and Android and remains totally free on PC.

To get it, you need to do a few things - starting by clicking on the link in this tweet which will download the Bethesda launcher.

Then log in or sign up to Bethesda net and you'll find the game listed as a download, taking up just over a gig of storage space. From there its up to you how your dwellers get on.

Fallout Shelter is on PC now on ClickOnline.com
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