Far Cry 4 Director Wants the Benefit of Some Of That Doubt!


Far Cry 4 Director Wants the Benefit of Some Of That Doubt!
And reckons conclusions are best not jumped towards

Ubisoft Montreal’s Alex Hutchinson – Dude’s the creative director for Far Cry 4. And as such, it was with him that the Far Cry 4 cover art controversy buck stopped. Speaking to Eurogamer, Hutchinson revealed that he thought it ironic to be accused of generalising (and outright racism) by people who were themselves generalising…

"We're being accused of being stereotypical, but the assumption is stereotypical… This character is meant to be a melange of different things. He's mixed race. The way he dresses is unique to him. It's part of the character. It's not a comment on gender or race at all."

Or sexuality, it would seem. According to Hutchinson, central antagonist Pagan Min’s (voiced with relish by Troy Baker) sexual orientation is discussed at no point.

"It's not in the narrative… How do gay people dress?"

Hutchinson, while defending his studio as one of the best for shipping products with diverse and inclusive casts, lamented the fact people would rather descend to blatant generalisations than, say, picking up the phone and asking him what’s the story…

“It would have been interesting for someone to ring us up. That would have been cool. For someone to say, 'Hello. We think this. What's actually happening?'…People were like, 'Well he can't be Asian because he has blond hair.' It's like, 'Have you ever been to Korea?'"

Personally, I haven’t. But as I understand it, they have both blonde hair AND hair dye over there.

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