Far Cry 4 Story Trailer Wants to Crown You King


Far Cry 4 Story Trailer Wants to Crown You King

It's already clear that we're looking forward to Far Cry 4 - the previous games was incredible and the new title looks like its got even more content and a might actually have a proper story this time to.

You get more info on what that tale might be in this new story trailer, which focuses on the character of Pagan Min - an evil ruler who is terrorising the locales of Kyrat in the Himalayas. Deliciously voiced by Troy Baker (The Last of Us, Shadows of Mordor) Min takes an interest in your character Ajay Ghale, who was returning to Kyrat to scatter his mother's ashes.

Then things get complicated. With bullets and bears and tigers. Oh my...

It feels like there's loads going on here, and there's even a chance that you'll get to decide who you take arms with among the warring natives, potentially changing the entire story arc as you play. And that's on top of a massive co-op multiplayer mode and levels which take place in the fanciful Shangri-La.

Ubisoft also confirmed recently that movie music composer Cliff Martinez was crafting the score for Far Cry 4. He's previously worked on the likes of Drive, Narc, Traffic and Spring Breakers, with Far Cry his first ever full length video game score.

Looking great, sounding great, we can't wait for Far Cry 4!

Far Cry 4 comes to consoles and PC from the 18th of Novembe 2014.

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