Far Cry 4's Shangri-La is an Entirely Separate World With New Systems and a Pet Tiger!


Far Cry 4's Shangri-La is an Entirely Separate World With New Systems and a Pet Tiger!

Far Cry 4 looks great, this is a given but even though its out in a few short weeks we still don't know everything about the game.

One big mystery so far has been Shangri-La, a seemingly separate world which the player is able to visit by taking certain... herbal remedies. Now we've got some information, thanks to an exclusive interview The Examiner has done with Executive Producer Dan Hay.

According to Hay, Shangri-La operates as a game within a game. You'll first visit it as part of the main storyline, no doubt with a mission requiring you to dive in and learn some of its mechanics, but otherwise its up to you whether you want to return. For something which looks like it has taken a huge amount of work in terms of assets, that's quite a thing to leave up to players to decide.

Shangri-Laalso has an open world set up - like the main game area - which you can explore at your hearts content. But its been created as an entirely new world, with a different feel and different aesthetics. It also has new weapons and unique NPC's - for example combat is Shangri-La doesn't use conventional weaponry, relying more on arrows and other more archaic forms.

You may also have noticed from the video teases so far that you appear to have some kind of helpful tiger-shaped killing machine in this game mode but Hay has revealed that it won't just randomly run around killing things, instead you'll have to direct it. The tiger responds to hand gestures from the player, giving you the chance to set up ambushes and just the very cool feeling of telling a spectral tiger what to do.

There are still many questions to be answered - will any of your abilities from Shangri-La make their way into the main game? Is there a final baddie to kill off? How creepy are those enemies going to be? - but we're happy to have some surprises when Far Cry 4 launches in November.

Far Cry 4 comes to consoles and PC from the 18th of November 2014.

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