Far Cry Primals install size on PS4 is tiny!


Far Cry Primals install size on PS4 is tiny!

Far Cry Primal is a big and beautiful game, with a massive prehistoric world to explore and terrifying creatures to kill or submit to your will. But thankfully it wont take up much hard drive space, at least on the PS4.

According to the PlayStation Plus store the file size for Far Cry Primal is a teensy 12.2 gigs. That has to be one of the smallest triple A games in recent memory, and comes in a good 10 gigs smaller than the Xbox One version of the game. And it's also great news for players as they won't be waiting anywhere near as long for the files to download to their console.

This doesn't mean the game has less content, more likely it has to do developers becoming smarter in how they compress graphics, audio and other files. It's also possible that some of the content will be made available in a day one patch. Let's remember that the play area for Primal is necessarily a bit smaller than that in Far Cry 4, mainly because you won't be tooling around the countryside in a car because they're about 12,000 years from being invented. There will still be plenty to do, you have our word on that.

Far Cry Primal is landing on the 23rd of February 2016.

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