FIFA 14 Ultimate Team adds chemistry styles


FIFA 14 Ultimate Team adds chemistry styles
New features, returning game modes and Seasons expansion.
One of the major new additions to Ultimate Team in FIFA 14 is Chemistry Styles, something that the Producer on FIFA 14 Ultimate Team, Marcel Kuhn, feels will add another layer of personalisation. These styles will affect attributes, depending on what style is applied, and will gain an even greater boost if applied to a player who has good chemistry. This additional boost will be evident on the card in a bid to increase transparency.

Kuhn said that the team hasn’t finalised the number of chemistry styles or their names just yet. However, during the presentation, styles such as Finisher, which affects shooting and heading, and Powerhouse, which increases passing and defensive attributes were outlined. Chemistry styles will be available for all positions in a squad. Some will have a small boost across several attributes, while others will provide a large boost for a select few. In our interview, Kuhn agreed that there is a chance that players will be swayed by those that increase pace, but explained that these will be rarer and can be combated by making up for your own squad’s weaknesses with the right chemistry styles.

It hasn’t been finalised if players will come from packs with a base chemistry style applied. However, players will be able to pick up chemistry style cards as consumables in packs or on the trade market and apply them at will or sell them on. Resold players will arrive at their new clubs with their chemistry style still applied.

Other customisation options, with less of an impact, will be available from the Ultimate Team menu. Players will be able to give kit numbers to their squad and can assign player roles, so that they can get back into the action quicker when awarded a free kick, penalty or corner.

Finally, after much feedback from the community, single matches will return to Ultimate Team. These will give players a chance to try out new signings, teams and combinations in a less-stressful environment than the competitive world of Seasons and Tournaments. Seasons will task players with bringing out their best squads once again as they seek promotion and trophies, though Kuhn explained that matchmaking should be a little better this time around. In addition, Seasons mode has been expanded and will now feature 10 divisions.

For more insight regarding FIFA 14 Ultimate Team, check out our interview with Marcel Kuhn here.

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