FIFA 2016 will finally have female players - they're in the game


FIFA 2016 will finally have female players - they're in the game

FIFA 16 is going to be a whole lot more inclusive with the addition of female players for the first time.

They're totally in the game.

It's certainly a positive move for a sport which still doesn't do enough to highlight the achivements of its female athletes but it has to start somewhere. We know what you're thinking but no you won't be able to play any mixed games - men and women won't be on the same pitch together.

There will be 12 women's teams the first time out, taken from the cream of International talent. The country teams include: USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, England, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Sweden, China and Australia. EA Sports are keen to stress that this is a first experiment with female players, and they may well add more in the future.

New graphical and animation elements have been added to ensure the best realism possible, and international female players have been scanned for their likeness and also motion captured to really bring the sport to life. They'll be part of popular modes like Kick Off Match Day, Offline Tournament, Skill Games and Online Friendlies. They'll also have long hair that has been individually animated, because ladies often have long hair...

It's a great first move from FIFA and EA, long may it continue.

FIFA 16 will likely arrive on consoles and PC in September 2015.

FIFA 2016 will finally have female players - they`re in the game on
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