Fight Against Sauron as an Elven Warrior in New Shadow of Mordor DLC


Fight Against Sauron as an Elven Warrior in New Shadow of Mordor DLC

Shadow of Mordor was easily one of the best games of 2014 and the developers have been keen to keep the world alive with plenty of larger and smaller DLC slices. But the biggest is yet to come.

The Bright Lord will be the final piece of DLC for Shadow of Mordor and lets you play as the elf Celebrimbor (the one who invaded your body in the original game) back when he was alive as he takes the fight to the dark lord Sauron. You see the evil one who later turns into a giant eye tricked the elf into creating the ring of Power and Celebrimbor raises his own orc army to try to save Middle Earth before its too late. There's a good chance it doesn't go to well for him in the end.

But before that you'll get to battle many more Orcs on your way to the final confrontation. Developers Monolith Productions have gone back in and tweaked every aspect of the game, including creating plenty of animations for the new playable character and also changing his powers. You'll be able to upgrade runes even further and the way the bow and arrow combos works has been altered. It really should play like a different game, which would be very cool indeed.

The Nemesis system has also been changed - Orcs are much more highly powered now and can't be manipulated as easily. They've got more balanced strengths and weaknesses and will be more active in seeking the player out - in keeping with a time in Middle Earth when Sauron was at his most powerful. It's all sounding very cool indeed, especially as Design Director Michael de Plater is promising a more satisfying ending than we previously had in the main game.

The Bright Lord DLC will be out 'soon'. More as we get it.

Fight Against Sauron as an Elven Warrior in New Shadow of Mordor DLC on
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