Final Fantasy XIV PS4 Open Beta Running Until Monday


Final Fantasy XIV PS4 Open Beta Running Until Monday
FF XIV: A Realm Reborn opens its PS4 beta to everyone until April 7th...

The latest addition to the Final Fantasy world, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, today opened its beta up to PlayStation 4 owners who can jump into the action in the MMORPG free of charge and without needing to register in advance.

The final live test of the game's servers will see PS4 owners joining up with PC and PS3 players between today and Monday April 7th. Players who then decide to pick up the full version of the game will have the option of bringing their beta character across with them, ensuring that any XP they claim over the course of the weekend isn't lost in the switch over.

Originally launched on PS3 and PC back in August of last year, Square Enix has decided to relaunch the game with a new PlayStation 4 version, out on April 14th. Players who already have the PS3 version of the game will be able to make the move across to the next-gen version free of charge, which could prove to be an inspired move from the developer as it seeks to further increase the 1.5 million previously registered users in the months ahead.

Final Fantasy XIV PS4 Open Beta Running Until Monday on
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