Find rare Pokemon in Ireland with Poke Radar!


Find rare Pokemon in Ireland with Poke Radar!

Pokemon Go is a pretty compelling game but it does make the actual discovery of Pokemon a bit of a chore. We're pretty fed up of seeing the same three or four types, and it's about time someone made a really excellent guide for what's in your area?

Oh, they already did!

Poke Radar is a hugely impressive beast - a worldwide map with locations of various Pokemon. It's all user submitted content and includes reports of creatures people have seen locally. There's even an iOS app, with an Android version in the works.

Click over here to access it.

Ireland has got a good few entries already, and I can see in my area that there's a Clefable which I don't have that only comes out at night. This is all down to real people logging locations while they're in the vicinity of a catch. And yes people can just lie about finding a Pokemon, and you can downvote the location if its fake.

Ireland is a little less populated at the moment but with the app only officially out since Saturday that will soon change. Get out and get catching!

Find rare Pokemon in Ireland with Poke Radar! on
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