Firefly Online Player Character Voices Revealed - You Can Play as Wesley Crusher!


Firefly Online Player Character Voices Revealed - You Can Play as Wesley Crusher!

Firefly Online is a game which will let you do what Browncoats around the world have been dreaming of since 2002 - get into the 'verse created by Joss Whedon with you very own ship!

The game is currently in development for a Spring-ish 2015 release and we've already heard many amazing things about it, including the fact that most of the original cast are involved, including Malcolm Reynolds himself, Nathan Fillion. The developers also recently released the Firefly Online Cortex which gives you a taste of the intergalactic action, as well as access to behind the scenes news, images and video interviews with the cast.

And now they've revealed even more about the upcoming title, we know what we're going to sound like! You'll be able to pick from a male or female character in the game, which means a lot of voice work for a talented actor and actress. If you choose the male character, you'll be voiced by none other than Wil Wheaton. Yes he of Star Trek the Next Generation fame, and latterly the guy who turned up in The Big Bang Theory from time to time.

And if you go with the female option, you'll be spending a lot of time with the soothing tones of one Courtenay Taylor. She provided the pipes for badass healer Val in Evolve recently and has also appered in everything from Destiny to Diablo III and all the way back to Knights of the Old Republic and God of War. She provided an easy dozen voices in Fallout New Vegas and was Jack in Mass Effect!

The Mary Sue revealed the newsand the games Executive Producer Andy Gore gave us some more details about the role involves. Apparently it's a lot of Chinese and a huge amount of dialogue overall and Taylor 'was one of dozens of actors who auditioned for the role, but her performance blew us all away and was the final choice.' And he also confirmed that the script for the male and female characters is exactly the same - the 'Verse is a place where equality doth reign.

Keep up with all things Firefly Online on the official site and why not download the free Cortex to keep flying. The full game will be out in the next few months.

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