First review scores for The Witcher 3 - a modern masterpiece?


First review scores for The Witcher 3 - a modern masterpiece?

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is set to be one of the biggest games of the world but that doesn't mean the developers were over-confident about how its going to go down with reviewers, with some tweeting about just how nervous they were getting.

Well they needn't have worried really, because the review embargo has just passed and the scores are incredible!

At the time of writing, the game is at 92 percent on Metacritic based on 23 reviews. It kicks off with five perfect scores and the lowest still grants it an 80.

Gamespot (who did a massive series of features on the game) says that it's "One of the best role-playing games ever crafted, a titan among giants and the standard-setter for all such games going forward." So no hyperbole there then.

IGN is a little more measured, suggesting the plot isn't as good as it might have been but the character are strong and "along with the excellent combat and RPG gameplay, they elevate The Witcher 3 to a plane few other RPGs inhabit."

And Destructoid grands its a score of 8/10, admitting that it's a huge leap from the previous game (2011's Assassins of Kings) and veered away from calling it a full blown masterpiece: "that intimate feel is juxtaposed against a gigantic, sprawling open-world adventure that may hit some snags along the way but still comes out on top."

It's a great early showing for the game, especially seeing as these reviewers would have been hurrying through the title to get their copy ready in time for the embargo. We can't wait to soak up every little detail in a run which could take as much as 100 hours.

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC from the 19th of May 2015.

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