Five Xbox 360 games that need Xbox One backwards compatibility


Five Xbox 360 games that need Xbox One backwards compatibility

The recent Xbox One updated enabled backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 titles, but at the time of writing the number of games supported stands at 104. The list ranges from standout indie titles, such as Castle Crashers or NBA JAM: On Fire Edition, to AAA games and franchises, including the Gears of War saga and Mirror's Edge. But it's not a comprehensive feature just yet. Here are five titles that we feel need to be backwards compatible.

Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption made us fall in love with the Wild West all over again. Rockstar built an open world which, despite its expanse, felt alive. We were blown away by some of the random encounters the first few times they happened, plus there was a captivating story and interesting characters to enjoy.

3 on 3 NHL Arcade

3 on 3 NHL Arcade was one of my favourite Arcade titles of the last generation. Forget about rules and realism; this game was just a whole heap of fun. It's non-stop action with big hits, wacky power-ups, and fast and fluid gameplay.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty didn't start with Modern Warfare, but it's the title that put the franchise on many people's radars. It not only set the standard for multiplayer shooters, but it also featured an impressive single player game. We'd love to revisit this title with a substantial player base to see how and why it blazed a trailer for shooters to follow.

Project Gotham Racing 3

Project Gotham Racing 3 was a launch title done right. It announced the arrival of the Xbox 360, showcasing the improvement in graphics and power, let players experience the new look Xbox Live, and lived up to the reputation of the series to date. It's a shame that we haven't seen much more of a series that was so integral to the Xbox. Backwards compatibility is as close as we can get.

Mass Effect Trilogy

Yes, we're cheating here somewhat, but those who enjoy the original (which is on the list of supported games) will want to see the trilogy to its conclusion. The third one may have rustled some feathers, but it's worth playing to see how it all wraps up. Plus, we have Andromeda to look forward to, which picks up many years after this story's conclusion.

- Mark O'Beirne

Five Xbox 360 games that need Xbox One backwards compatibility on
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