Flappy Bird Set to Make a Comeback


Flappy Bird Set to Make a Comeback
Game returning in August with multiplayer...

Just when you thought it was a safe to go back to mobile gaming, Flappy Birds creator Dong Nguyen has said that the game is set to make a return to the Google Play Android Store and Apple iTunes App Store in August, and this time it'll feature a brand new multiplayer mode.

Nguyen, who withdrew the game from both platforms earlier this year after claiming that it had become too addictive, spoke about the return in an interview with CNBC. He claimed that he had been busy working on "lots of games" during his downtime, but that a Flappy Bird resurgence was definitely on the cards.

Flappy Bird became an overnight sensation when it launched earlier in the year, before Nguyen became concerned with the amount of attention both he and the game were receiving, and decided to remove it from circulation - despite reports that it was netting him somewhere in the region of $50,000 per day, based on conservative estimates.

It's not yet known the full scope of the game's relaunch, or whether it'll feature new visuals following controversy over the game's striking similarity to certain elements of early Mario games - in fact, some had speculated that the real reason the game was pulled was to prevent legal action from Nintendo.

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