For Honor's gorgeous story trailer - yes it has a story!


For Honor's gorgeous story trailer - yes it has a story!

We can't stop them spelling it wrong but otherwise For Honor is looking mighty fine.

That all starts with the superb graphics but it turns out there's more than just fighting to the game with the reveal of a story mode. It seems there's some crazy conflict going on, and the only way to introduce it is with utterly stunning CG.

We're none the wiser as to what all this really means. Are these three actually supposed to be the same warriors a thousand years later? Is the narrator some kind of supernatural being who keeps them in eternal conflict? There's certainly some explanation needed as to how these three combatants even ended up on the same battlefield.

But it really doesn't matter much as the point is putting a handful of highly skilled warriors in the same area and filling it with a bunch of AI drones to simulate a real battle. There's a lot of promise there and you can get an idea of how it works in this 10 minute slice of gameplay.

Isn't it pretty - if you find ultraviolence pretty. The three way blocking and attacking is a great idea, adding some tactical sense to all out brawling. The game also supports all manner of multiplayer, including two player co-op for the story mode and 4v4 in arenas.

For Honor has been confirmed to release on the 14th of February 2016.

For Honor`s gorgeous story trailer - yes it has a story! on
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