Former Eidos Montreal Head Sees More Potential in Mobile than AAA


Former Eidos Montreal Head Sees More Potential in Mobile than AAA
Interesting comments from former studio leader...

When former Eidos Montreal head Stephane D'Astous left the company last year, many assumed he would simply walk into a role at another major studio and continue his work on AAA console and PC releases, however that proved not to be the case, and he joined fledgling mobile studio Hibernum in March of this year, raising more than a few eyebrows in the process.

Speaking in an interview with GamesInustry International, D'Astous claims there's no bad blood between him and his former employers, but he also believes that there's far more potential in the mobile space than there is in the AAA console market, saying:

I am really proud of what was built in Montreal. People think there was some bad blood [but] it was really blown out of proportion... it is all good, it is business, and we are all colleagues at the end of the day.

In the console industry it is very difficult to de-risk, because you need to go all in almost every single time. Not a lot of people have the nerves and the guts to do that, and sometimes you do not have the choice, you need to do it. That is why when I said to myself, 'Where do I see myself in five years? I want to be in a place where there are more possibilities, more growth in all senses, in creativity and innovation and business, and... I would rather be in mobile now and see myself [happy] in five years than be in console and wish that I would [have been in mobile]. I have a better chance to be happy in a healthy industry sub-sector in five years if I choose mobile.

It's definitely an interesting perspective on the mobile industry, and D'Astous has shown that he knows what he's talking about down through the years, but whether or not the general gaming public will agree with his sentiments is harder to tell. On the one hand, mobile gaming definitely has come along leaps and bounds in an incredibly short time, b but on the other it still lacks that killer app. Casual games are all well and good, but without something a little meatier, we can't see the mobile space converting too many hardcore gamers in the next few years - although the bigger, and perhaps more pertinent question, is whether or not it'll need to...

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