Fortnite to Feature Variable Length Campaigns


Fortnite to Feature Variable Length Campaigns
10, 20 and 50 hour long campaigns for co-op title...

Epic Games forthcoming co-operative online title Fortnite will feature unique variable length campaigns of 10, 20 and 50 hours, according to the developer.

The campaigns, which will take place within procedurally-generated worlds, are vastly different to those found in other online cooperative titles like Rust or DayZ, and players will be able to drop in and out at will. Each of the worlds will be specifically themed, so one might feature mountainous terrain, while anothercould take place in more level grassy plains, while certain key elements have will be pre-generated to allow players to build fortresses to keep them safe from the nasties that prowl during the night hours.

Some additional gameplay elements have been confirmed, too, with players being tasked with building safe areas before heading off to close portals and preventing enemies from spawning into the world. We assume that the game will be won or lost based on whether enough of these can be sealed off during each campaign's duration.

Four character classes have also been confirmed, with each playing differently to the rest, ensuring that players will need to have balanced teams in order to succeed. The Constructor will be able to build structures faster than the others, and using less resources in doing so, while they have access to a class-specific base that'll reinforce and heal nearby materials. The Ninja has a double-jump move and a special melee, making them the most mobile in combat, in addition to their throwing stars and smoke bombs.

The Commando is best suited for all round combat, but isn't quite as useful when it comes to building structures. Their grenades and proximity mines make them agents of destruction, though, which sounds pretty good to us. Finally, the Scavenger is the character you'll be relying upon to harvest all the resources needed to get things up and running, and is particularly useful when combined with the Constructor for quick and efficient building.

There's no confirmed release date for Fortnite yet, but it'll be a free to play title, potentially featuring a system similar to that found in League of LEgends, and those who want to try it out early can sign up for alpha testing right here.

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